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All Blue Moon Design Company pitchers are handmade with the highest quality, premium, permanent, heavy-duty, outdoor vinyl. They are wonderfully weatherproof, waterproof, and most importantly, *pause for effect* beer-proof. All designs are completely customizable (meaning: colors, fonts, layouts, etc. can be changed to your liking) and you can mix and match combinations of fronts, backs, sides, and bottoms!

PLEASE READ THE BELOW INFORMATION BEFORE ASKING ME ANY QUESTIONS!! This helps create a more efficient order process and you can get your pitcher faster!!

Orders must be placed at least 2 weeks before the date you need the pitcher. If any orders are placed with less time than that or regular orders have closed, they are subject to a rush fee of $20+. I am a full-time engineering student so please respect my educational priorities as well!

Dunking in a group of four or more people? Hooray! You are subject to a group discount. This discount is $5 off each pitcher for groups of 4-9 and $7 off each pitcher for groups of 10 or more!

You can purchase a 60 oz glass pitcher from me for $20 or provide your own. You can submit design ideas from other companies, from the internet (yes, I can replicate them),  or come up with your own original layout.

PAYMENT METHOD AND POLICY: Must pay via Venmo. Payment is due within 48 hours after the final proof is sent. I reserve your pitcher spot for a limited time and if payment is not received in that time frame, I give your spot to my next customer.

Disclaimer: Bottom Decals are less functional the longer they are exposed to liquid due to the textured bottom of the pitcher. Keep dry as long as possible and do not saturate the bottom in liquid or they are liable to come off. Free replacements are always available!


I communicate via text to send pitcher mock-ups and updates to customers. Please CLICK HERE to join the Fall 2023 list. I will reach out to you (you'll hear from me in about 1-2 days)! All information below must be texted (screenshots, details, etc.). Feel free to take screenshots from my Instagram (@BlueMoonDesignCo) to send as inspiration!



Fall 2023 Pitcher Pricing.png
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